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IMG 3062-2Aedec was founded 25 years ago with the simple belief that officer safety could be improved and liability reduced with better prisoner security seating. Since then, Aedec has been a patented leader in design and innovation.

The Pro-Straint RC1710 restraint chair offers the most secure way to restrain violent or combative prisoners while ensuring officer safety. The 7-point harness system provides maximum security while the soft wrist and ankle restraints and an ergonomic “pocket” for each leg provide greater control without sacrificing overall circulation.The monitoring officer can exercise (or medicate) the prisoner without releasing them from the restraint chair. Prisoners can even feed themselves while under full control.

Handles and buckles with molded in color offer permanent visual guides to make securing prisoners quicker and safer for all, while the molded-in arm and wrist channels provide relief for prisoners already cuffed when placed into the restraint chair.

Save costly repairs on your safety cell. It is much safer for the prisoner and much less labor intensive for your personnel. The Pro-Straint Restraint Chair sits flat on the floor for greater stability. Two officers can easily load the prisoner into the chair in less than a minute and the prisoner is there to stay. There is nothing for him to hit his head on. With all the restraints administered, it is virtually impossible for the prisoner to tip the chair over. The optional RC1400 Transport carriage can be added to the restraint chair to provide mobility without sacrificing stability. Since the transport carriage sits flat on the floor, there is no risk of officer back strain from levering the chair back to engage the wheels.

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Pro-Straint is proud to announce our new line of hard wrist and leg restraints. Fully adjustable straps and stainless steel Peerless® Handcuffs and Shackles allow for fast and safe restraint of combative prisoners.





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